Vacuum Plasma Deposition of Water and Oil Repellent Nano-coatings

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Dr. Nicholas Timmer, P2i

Several applications of web-based media require a high level of liquid repellency. This may be to provide protection from environmental conditions (for example outdoor clothing, protective coverings, and vent filters used to protect automotive electronics), or to provide protection from specific chemicals (for example in the oil and gas processing industry).

In some cases it will be possible to select naturally water resistant materials such as PTFE or polypropylene. Where higher levels of repellency are required (for example to resist oils or alcohols), the choice of materials is much more limited, especially where there are other specifications to be achieved simultaneously such as mechanical strength requirements or the need to maintain airflow through a porous material. No materials have inherent repellency to lighter oils such as gasoline and other short chain hydrocarbons.

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