Vacuum Coated High Barrier Mono Material Solution Based on In-line Coated BOPP Technology Produced on a High Speed Commercial Line

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Bülent Çelik, Polibak Plastik Film

Demand for the improved barrier, de- layering, mono material structure requests are forcing the packaging industry for the improved innovative solutions. Inline coating of BOPP film is a new technology and metallising of inline coated BOPP is providing improved barrier and metal adhesion values which can help the packaging industries to bring new mono-based sustainable solutions.

Improved results created from the combined solution of 4 different companies. Inline Coating process, BOPP manufacturing, Polymer based coating material and optimised Metallising process created high performance, high speed commercially produced material. This paper showcases a good example of co-creation and collaboration from different companies throughout the value chain to produce a common solution which drives sustainability through the industry.

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