The Future of Capacitor Web Films: Versatile Source Capabilities for High-end Applications

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Anye Chifen, Bühler Alzenau GmbH

For over 40 years, the metallized capacitor technology started in Europe which has contributed to the advancement in electronics. These advancements will continue, the future trend for capacitor films is no more strictly based on the two conventional materials aluminium and zinc. The demand for silver metal as pre-nucleation, single metal deposition, reduction in dielectric thickness, down gauging of film substrate and special pattern designs diversifies the scope for AC and higher voltage capacitor applications.

Due to the diverse and crucial applications, the urgency in the capacitor film industry continues to strive on purity, specific zonal (bi)-metal distribution profile, defined non-metallized patterns and defect-free deposition.

In order to serve the industry with these demands, this paper will discuss a coater design for high end product optimization, as well as the high speed online monitoring system designed to view 2D images, measure optical density < 4.0 OD, structural patterns < 3x3mm² at coating speed up to 1200m/min. Other additional features to improve coating quality required for the future of capacitor films will also be elaborated.

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