Solventless Multi-Ply Lamination: A Review of Process Innovations and New Technical Developments

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Giancarlo Caimmi, nordmeccanica spa

the 3-ply solvent less laminator presented to the industry in 2010 won an innovation award at the Aimcal conference. That technology has grown during these past years to feature even higher performances and energy saving levels. The process of laminating 3 ply structures in a single pass using exclusively solvent less adhesives features no emissions. The energy saving level is over 75% versus comparable dry bond based lamination processes. No emissions and substantial energy saving is generating significant attention in the industry. The presentation will include an overview of the evolution of multi-ply lamination: Background, current market share, current favored machine set up and adhesive technology evolution. Currently multi-ply lamination single pass is the lamination technology that is experiencing the largest growth in the North American market.

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