Scaling Up Solid State Batteries with Roll to Roll

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Dr. Daniel Walker, ilika

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are the most mature zero-emission technology for automotive applications, but have limitations in cycle-life and energy density, with public concern about battery life, range and safety issues. Solid State Batteries (SSB) alleviate these issues with intrinsic properties of higher energy densities, reduced thermal-event failure modes and wider thermal operating range. This talk describes Ilika’s journey to scale and verify its SSB technology, with roll-to-roll slot die a cornerstone enabling technology. Ilika is active in building an ecosystem supporting the industrialization of SSBs, cementing IP locally and benefiting from global exploitation through the manufacture of equipment, materials, cells, packs and vehicles. This paper describes the journey from R&D, through pilot line, to serial production of our solid state batteries for module and pack development. This journey is achieved with the support of a sequence of funded projects that explore the possibility of dropping Ilika’s process into existing facilities at up to 1 GWh/yr scale. These facilities utilise established coating techniques, but Ilika’s solid state technology has some additional requirements and also additional potential to realise efficiencies and enhanced performance by developing the coating methods. This paper will conclude by exploring possibilities in roll to roll techniques for reduced solvent, or dry coating, or coating multiple layers simultaneously for graded cathode or solid state electrolytes coated onto the anode. These future coating methods can result in a clear processing advantage and increase attractiveness of solid state technology.

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