Real Time High Speed Non-contact Wet or Dry Thickness Measurement of Pressure Sensitive, Solvent Based, Laminating, Hot Melt and Other Adhesives on Multiple Substrates

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Vivek Komaragigi, Sensory Analytics

Different types of adhesives are widely used in areas such as film packaging, laminating, paper and Kapton tapes and so on and conventional technologies used for measuring various applied adhesive coatings are either environmentally unfriendly or indirect coat weight measurement methods that rely on known standards and most of these alternate techniques have significant limitations as the applied adhesives become thinner. As a result, manufacturers face significant challenges in applying the correct amount of some of these adhesives.

The availability of high speed non-contact measurement alternatives to accurately measure thickness or coat weight of applied coatings will improve accuracy, minimize production issues and non-productive man-hours incurred in offline weigh strip weigh testing. The proposed measurement technique analyzes reflected light waves to calculated absolute thickness of the applied coating and is substrate independent. Measurement data and summary results will be presented for different types of adhesives such as solvent based, pressure sensitive and hot melt adhesives on multiple substrates such as films, coated paper, metals and patterned films.

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