Rapid Thin Film Structure Development Enabled by Advanced R2R Equipment Design, Automation and In-Situ Monitoring

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Mike Simmons, Intellivation

Mike Simmons, Intellivation, Loveland CO
Mark George, Plasma Thin Films, Phoenix AZ

Development of vacuum deposited layers for new applications requires a transition from small volume (sheets, wafers) to larger volume roll to roll (R2R) while maintaining process parameters and precision deposition. The ability to rapidly develop new processes, thin film structures and test layers in Drum Mode and transfer seamlessly to R2R Mode using the power of automation combined with in situ monitoring has improved the product development cycle time. Testing large DOE’s including multi pass requirements (>200) with quick turnaround, high quality and repeatability has accelerated the development phase of new thin films and provides the ability to explore larger ranges of processes and materials for flexible electronics, medical, anti-reflective, optical applications, flexible display, EMI shielding, holographic displays, passive electrical thin films, photovoltaics, barriers, energy storage, textiles and battery.

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