Power of the Bubble...

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Jeff Smigiel, Micro Matic

In the world of printing, color accuracy is critical. Whether in drums or IBC’s, ink requires mixing before application. Traditional mixing methodologies have been utilized over the decades where complete mixing has been difficult to achieve, mixing times were long, equipment seemed to fail often, and spills were inevitable.

We, Micro Matic, are extremely excited to share the first of its kind…The Pro-Blend Closed Mixing System. The Pro-blend Closed Mixing System is a revolutionary mixing technology that is a versatile, easy-to-use system that delivers complete mixing and more efficient operations while maximizing ink color efficacy and minimizing worker and environmental exposure.

This unique technology has proven to outperform traditional mechanical mixers through the utilization of timed pulses of pressurized air to generate large bubbles to mix inks. The operational design of the Pro-Blend creates large bubbles to mix however does not create entrained air, foaming, or shearing of ink formulations. Its design maximizes color efficacy in the shortest amount of time while minimizing operating costs and energy.

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