Plasma Activated EB-PVD of Titanium and its Compounds by Means of Large Area SAD

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by E. Reinhold, VON ARDENNE

Plasma activation of electron beam physical vapor deposition (EB-PVD) allows to increase density, hardness, refractive index and other properties of evaporated coatings.

This contribution refers to (reactive) spotless arc activated deposition (SAD) of coatings from titanium and its compounds TiO2 and TiN. Electron beam evaporation is combined with the ignition of a spotless arc discharge on the EB heated titanium metal and in case of compounds additional process gas inlet. The process combination has been extended to large area dimensions. Achieved layer properties, coating rates and layer thickness distributions on large substrates will be presented. The technological capacity of (reactive) large area SAD will be considered with regard to advantageous applications.

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