Not just Quality Assurance: Reliable Automated Inline Inspection in Battery Cell Production Help Mitigate Risk

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Luciano Menk, ISRA VISION

Battery technology, which is expanding rapidly worldwide, forms the core of several innovative future technologies. In particular, the lithium-ion battery, with its high energy density, has established itself as the leading electricity storage technology in recent years. Without the powerful lithium-ion batteries, there would be no electric cars (EV's), smartphones, laptops. As production errors and safety failures cannot be completely ruled out in this context, means that recalls make the headlines from time to time. Product liability cases can then quickly become a financial liability and also cause damage to the company's image. High-precision inspection systems help mitigate these risks by ensuring consistency throughout the entire value chain - from coating to slitting/cutting to winding/unwinding.

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