Introduction to Simulation Bases Engineering in Web Handling Systems

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Kayla Rossi, Maplesoft

We will be discussing the ways in which simulation software can be used to model and analyze a roll-to-roll web line system. Attendees will be shown how to approach modeling and will learn some of the techniques that save time compared to physical testing. We will make a brief introduction to the way current simulation software can represent the web as it travels through the system, and cover various aspects such as tension and speed control, as well as some commonly seen issues. This will be supported using models and visualizations created using the MapleSim Web Handling Library. Additionally, we will look at the impacts of adding dynamic elements to a web line, such as dancers and accumulators, and create a detailed roll to roll line in which common issues of bearing drag and slippage can be applied. From the models we will discuss the consequences of these issues as well as how they can be detected through simulation in software such as MapleSim.

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