Improving Coating Adhesion on Films & Foils used in EV Battery Production

Kevin Lifsey

Mark Plantier, Enercon Industries Corporation

Within an EV battery there are several different types of polymer films and foils that are used for the anode, cathode and separator materials. Their performance is dependent upon successful coating processes which often rely on some form of surface treatment to ensure adhesion. In-line surface treatment removes contamination, increases surface energy and enables wettability. However with so many different materials and coating processes, which surface treatment technology serves these applications the best? Surface treating experts from Enercon will provide insights on when corona, plasma or flame should be prescribed to improve wettability and adhesion. And, a detailed comparison of corona treating results and application benefits will be shared when considering bare roll or coated/covered ground rolls. Attendees will gain a clear understanding of the application variables that contribute to determining which technology they should use for coating processes associated with the manufacturing of EV batteries.

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