High Performance Technology Solutions for Sustainable Film Capacitor Metallizing

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Dr. Michael Muecke, Bühler Alzenau GmbH, Leybold Optics

Achieving CO2 neutrality to curb global warming is one of today`s biggest challenges. Authorities have decided to exchange the fossil hydrocarbon-based energy generation by renewable energies and therefore the automotive industry is exchanging the combustion engine by an electric power train.

Film capacitors are a key component used for transportation solutions, such as e-mobility. The LO CAPONE is Bühler’s latest innovation for high-end roll-to-roll vacuum metallizing applications. The platform and its outstanding technology and flexibility serves the needs for vacuum-coated films for capacitors for the electric power train.

Processing sensitive ultra-thin polymers with different layer stacks and profiles at highest thermal stress, highest precision and at the same time efficient productivity requires powerful components, such as sensors for highest inline quality control, intelligent temperature management, innovative sources, and high-precision winding technology.

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