Guidelines for Rolls Used in Web Handling

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Duane Smith, Davis-Standard, LLC

Today’s web producing and converting lines often must handle a wide variety of substrates resulting in wide tension ranges at ever increasing processing speeds. All web handling requires conveying a web straight through a process without distortion or defects such as wrinkles. A converting process or film producing line both require the use of idler rolls, pull rolls, spreaders and edge guides in order to provide control of a web as it is conveyed. Without the correct size and application of these devices, the web might not track properly, could wrinkle, might be distorted, and web breaks could happen. This paper and presentation, Guidelines for Rolls Used in Web Handling provides general guidelines for selecting these items for various conditions to assist in successfully processing web materials to maximize the productivity and profitability of the web producing and converting line.

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