Future of Gravure Image Carriers

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Bob Speiss, Kaspar Graphics Solutions

Resin Based coating to replace the copper and chrome portions of gravure cylinder production along with the prep stages i.e. degreasing, polishing and copper strike.

The coating is applied to existing gravure bases. A laser will create the image. After imaging there is no need to chrome plate the cylinder for printing.

The Resin Based process is a method that is much faster, sustainable and yet still fully automatic and a true digital process of creating a Gravure Image Carrier.

Resin based cylinders are imaged with a laser, bringing higher fidelity imaging expanding our graphics ability.

Resin based imaged carriers will be 3 to 4 machines much like that of the other image carrier platforms such as Flexo and Offset.

You will no longer need a complete production area for making gravure cylinders , nor extensive waste treatment areas.

With the resin based process existing cylinder inventory and bases can still be used as the coating will be applied to those bases.

Resin based image carriers are Faster , Cheaper and yet Higher Quality.

2023 R2R USAConference Proceedings