Energy Solutions in R2R Vacuum Coating

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Michael Muecke, Bühler Leybold Optics

The consumption of energy in general as well as the reduction of the CO2 footprint are two of the most challenging topics of human civilization. The presentation will discuss a set of solutions in roll to roll coating technology, provided to improve environmental sustainability.

A big challenge is the transformation of the energy generation towards natural sources like sun, wind, and water. This leads to an increasing demand in foil capacitor technology. An even larger aspect is the use of electric power for mobility. Both technical approaches request highest quality standards and productivity in roll to roll capacitor WEB coating. The presentation will display newest solutions and results in coating machine design and process control.
Optical layer stacks can help to reduce energy consumption in buildings, trains, or busses. Windows of skyscrapers are coated with low e-layers to reduce the energy needed for cooling or heating the building. The presentation will discuss a novel roll to roll coating system to optimize those coatings for flexible applications. The system design is supported by simulations providing quality engineering.

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