Development of Water-Based Barrier Coatings for Sustainable Packaging

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Dr. Yong Zheng, Mica Corporation

The demand for sustainable solutions has placed unprecedented emphasis on recyclability and compostability of packaging materials. Water borne barrier coatings are increasingly accepted as one of the sustainable alternatives because of their inherent composability and/or recyclability and ability to provide the required performance in flexible packaging applications.

Mica Corporation has developed several innovative water-borne coatings for oxygen barrier as well as barrier to water, oil, and grease. In this presentation, we will introduce two water borne coatings, MICA EL-1808; a compostable water, oil and grease barrier, and MICA EL-1241, a self-priming oxygen barrier. Both coatings are PFAS free.

We will demonstrate their respective barrier properties, along with recyclability or compostability. We will also discuss end use applications for each of these new coatings.

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