Development of Equipment and Technology in the Deposition of ITO and AR Coatings

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by E. Yadin, Sidrabe, Inc.

Three-drum and six-drum web equipment design and construction for the deposition of transparent/conductive coatings of ITO over a wide range of sheet resistance (from 10 to 500 Ohm/sq.), as well as of multilayer AR coatings are
considered. The development of a multichamber vacuum machine has been carried out taking into account various technological methods for reactive deposition stabilization and for achievement of stable coating properties.

For leveling initial surface conditions of the film prior to coating the film pretreatment is performed, which includes the film drying and outgassing in a special machine and its plasma activation in the vacuum coater.

Stability of gained coatings parameters was ensured by using double-loop control system, applying emission spectra and both optical and electrical characteristics.

The technology of water vapors and carbon dioxide usage in the deposition process is developed. The water vapors, on one side, contribute to the deposition process stabilization, on the other hand, affect coating properties. The use of carbon dioxide instead of oxygen allows to expand the possibilities of web coating process monitoring.

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