Converting Performance

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Neal Michal, Converting Expert, LLC

Converting performance is measured in different ways. Tons per day. Cases on the overhead. Speed, waste, and delay. Yield and Uptime. OEE. Incentive Pay. Stops per Day. # of Occurrences. Running waste vs Waste from Unplanned Events. Top Line Revenue from New Product Launch. % of Market Share in one Segment. Bottom Line Financials. Product launch on time. Drama. Total Costs. Everyone has an opinion.

Converting issues can take many different forms. Poor controls. Incorrect controls. Reduced speed. Increased waste. More stop occurrences. New material process performance. Higher speeds. Dual sourced – compare and contrast. Release specs for Domestic vs International. Seasonal issues. Storage. Packaging, Handling. Reduced BW. Different suppliers. New operators. Lack of training. Third party operators. High turnover. 4M’s: Man, Machine, Method, Material. Three case studies will be presented.

Problem solving pitfalls. No one understands the controls. No one has he software. Black box controls. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. Not invented here syndrome. Don’t know what you don’t know. Assumptions. Drowning in data vs GEMBA walk. Convinced of This; Actually That. Assume two assets are the same. Poor intellectual rigor. Integrity. Check but verify. A simple change may have a drastic impact. Flawed test data.

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