Centre – Surface Winding

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Michael Schröder, Extrusion Coating Machines

Winding of sensitive substrates and laminates in converting machines at the end of the process require the correct winding system in respect of the material behavior and surface characteristic. In the winding process web shifting and wrinkles can easily occur if wrong tension parameters and configuration are chosen. Driven or non driven contact winding in combination with a centre driven winding machine allows the best results for sensitive materials. Important for the further processes is the reel hardness, tension across the finished reel and side accuracy of the reel. The start of winding process direct on the core is one of the critical moments. The transfer type with and without core preparation is the challenge for the engineering.

The paper “Centre –Surface Winding” will compare between different winding systems with as a guideline for choosing the correct system.

Inline multilane slitting integrated in winding systems require a sophisticated winding machine installation. In line slitting avoid the additional investment in a slitter and the accompanying logistical operations. A further challenge is high speed winding with short cycle times for small batch sizes.

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