Balanced Approach To Change Management: Performance, Cost, Compliance, and Sustainability

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Tricia Sime, Inland Packaging

Change management for products and processes is often times challenging and complex. Some would argue change management is best referenced as challenge management. We can all relate to the basic challenge of balancing performance and cost when exploring potential changes to our products and processes. Organizations today need to look beyond these basic challenges and take into consideration additional internal and external influences when addressing change. Increasingly diversified State and Federal legislative regulations are posing unique compliance challenges for organizations, brand-owner expectations to monitor and report environmental impact calculations are now a global reality, and consumer demands for transparency in the supply chain are all evolving aspects we need to consider in our change management programs. In the presentation, we will discuss these unique aspects impacting today’s market and why it is important to incorporate them early in your change management program.

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