Anisotropic Conductive Films made by Electric Particle Alignment on R2R

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Henrik Hemmen, CondAlign AS (Norway)

Anisotropic conductive films made by electric particle alignment on R2R

CondAlign AS develops anisotropic materials and production technologies based on our patented particle alignment process. In the CondAlign process, electric fields are applied to polymer matrices to manipulate and align dispersed particles. The particles align due to dielectrophoresis and induced dipole-dipole interactions, allowing a wide range of particles and matrices to be used. After alignment, the viscous polymer-particle structures are fixated by curing the matrix.

The technology finds applications in a broad range of products, from medical devices to consumer electronics. The process can be used to make both electrically and thermally conductive films, where the particle alignment permits a dramatic reduction of particle content, leading to improved performance and added functionality. Without alignment, these materials are typically particle rich systems with concentrations above the percolation threshold. Other notable applications include microfiltration filters as well as gas-separation membranes.

The cost-efficient process is demonstrated on a continuous R2R pilot line and is ready for implementation in high volume manufacturing.

At AIMCAL R2R USA 2021, CondAlign will explain the basic principles of the technology and the R2R process, and present a couple of applications under development.

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