Advances in Micro-optic Origination and Replication for Roll-to-Roll Products in the Packaging, Lighting, and Product Security Markets

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Kent Coulter, Wavefront Technology Inc.

Advanced micro-optics are enabling next generation display, imaging and detection capabilities in the electronics, transportation, and medical device markets.  The origination technologies behind these advances include electron beam lithography, grayscale lithography, and precision diamond turning to fabricate precise traditional and freeform surfaces that control light.  The application of these technologies to roll to roll platforms and polymer structures presents unique design, reduction to practice, and large-scale manufacturing challenges.  In addition, the technologies necessary to replicate and produce millions of square meters of film with these structures as a single- or double-sided optical system presents step-out, alignment, and registration issues.  In this talk, the base technologies, process development, and resulting products for the Packaging, Lighting and Product Security Markets will be reviewed.

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