A Novel QA Approach to combined In-line Defect/Pinhole Detection and Coating Opacity Measurement

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Mr. Matthieu Richard, Mr. Olivier Porret, BOBST

The issues associated with quality control in the coating process of flexible materials will be presented, with particular emphasis on new market trends and applications where in-line defect/pin-hole detection and measurement techniques are required.

A new compact technical solution operating in real time, for combined defect detection and coating opacity measurement has been developed. The paper will cover the technical description of the optical system and its process capabilities for both in-line and off-line process analysis, with the aim of reducing scrap rates, reducing coating material costs and/or increasing process line speeds.

100% detection of defects down to 0.1mm have been successfully detected and classified at line speeds up to 1000m/min, on production machines up to 2.5m wide.

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