A New Class of Non-Halogenated Flame Retardant Polyester Film Substrates and its Applications in Metallizing Enviroments

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Yijun Ye, Ph.D., Toray Plastics America

The development of a new class of halogen-free biaxially oriented polyester (PET) thin gauge base film with enhanced FR properties will be discussed.

By utilizing novel halogen-free co-polyesters and platy inorganic particles, two types of intrinsic flame retardant biaxially oriented polyester film were produced via the utilization of co-extrusion and compounding methodologies. One is clear a FR film and other is a semigloss flame retardant film with anti-dripping properties. These two types of film, together with a regular biaxially oriented polyester film, underwent various of fire performance tests. Both base film and metallized film were tested. The tests included UL94, Limited Oxygen Index (LOI, ASTM D-2863), Smoke Density (ASTM D-2843), Cone Calorimeter (ASTM E1354-03), Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 (FMVSS 302) and Toxicity Index (Naval Engineering Standard, NES 713). Detail analysis of the test results will be presented. The mechanism of the flame retardancy is also proposed. This new class of substrates shows promise for a range of new applications.

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