Technology Watch: Q3 2022

Alex Nevels

Maplesoft’s (Waterloo, ON, Canada) updated MapleSim product line enables machine designers to improve web handling equipment at less cost using digital models and now includes compatibility with more automation software for controller code. The MapleSim Web Handling Library is a system-level modeling and simulation tool that enables machine designers to reduce development time, lower costs and diagnose performance issues. It adds rollers, drum brakes and other components that can faithfully simulate a machine’s handling of paper, plastic film, textiles or foil. Control engineers now can connect MapleSim’s digital models to even more automation tools using MapleSim Insight to support optimal controller development using virtual commissioning. In addition to software, Maplesoft also offers solutions for diagnosing, fixing and optimizing machine performance, without anyone in the organization needing to become a modeling expert.

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