Tape & Label Manufacturing: Reduce Environmental Impact While Increasing Production Efficiency with Hot Melt Coatings

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Oscar Pastor, Valco Melton

Improving product sustainability while maintaining or increasing process efficiency is a major concern for today’s manufacturers and converters. It is our aim to describe how the use of hot melt adhesive coatings can benefit converting processes by meeting both demands.

On the one hand, it positively impacts the environmental aspect of production by reducing energy consumption, mainly, but not only, as a result of the suppression of drying tunnels. Additionally, the use of UV hot melts replaces the use of solvents, which generate VOC emissions, and require specific recovery processes for proper disposal under current regulations.

On the other hand, manufacturers can benefit from a productivity increase in their manufacturing lines. To illustrate this, we will focus our presentation on two major production processes: tape and label manufacturing. We will get into detail about how by using hot melt adhesives and choosing the adequate hot melt application technologies manufacturers can benefit from an expanded product portfolio, incorporating new formats that reduce glue or material consumption.

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