Sustainable paper packaging for FMCGs, foodservice applications gains traction among consumers & brands

Alex Nevels

The world of packaging is in a constant state of change. Consumer environmentalism, government legislation and even COVID-19 have forced consumer retail brands to rethink and redesign their packaging. High demand for supply-chain transparency now is driving synergies among multiple players to work together in the creation of new sustainable packaging. The converter has a new, critical consultative role to play, transitioning from producer to a strategic advisor; monitoring consumer and industry trends, as well as new substrates; and providing long-term recommendations to its customers. This article will address some of the new sustainable dynamics of the packaging sector, including product development and packaging standards, along with full lifecycle requirements from sourcing to end-of-life. It will highlight the role of converters within this new way-of-thinking and their position as strategic advisors, sitting in the middle between paper producers and consumer brands.

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