Surface Treatment Technology of Fluoropolymer Using Linear Ion Beam Source

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Dr. Sunghoon Jung, Korea Institute of Materials Science

Fluoropolymers possess high chemical resistance, thermal resistance, and low dielectric constant. They are chemically stable and widely used in various fields. However, their low surface energy poses a significant challenge when it comes to their compatibility with other materials. To enable the combination of fluoropolymers with other substances, etching methods using predominantly sodium-based chemicals have been employed, but they often compromise surface flatness and raise concerns about environmental pollution.

In this study, we introduce the surface modification of fluoropolymer using a linear ion beam source. By adjusting the ion beam process parameters, we successfully developed fluoropolymer substrates with superhydrophilic properties. Furthermore, this technology enhanced the adhesion between fluoropolymer surfaces and the upper copper layer in fluoropolymer-based flexible copper-clad laminates. The proposed technique holds promising potential for future applications in components for 6G mobile communication, where strong adhesion is crucial.

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