Slot Die Coating: Fixed Lip vs. Adjustable Lip. A comparison of the two different types of slot dies and what to consider when choosing between the two designs to meet your coating application needs

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Scott Niedfeldt, Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC

Are you looking for more precision in your coating application method and considering slot die technology to meet your coating needs? Or have you only utilized one type of slot die (fixed lip or adjustable lip), but are now dealing with a new coating application and wondering whether your current slot die design is ideal? In this presentation, Scott Niedfeldt will discuss not only the advantages of slot die coating, but also go beyond that by discussing the two different types of slot dies, fixed lip and adjustable lip. This presentation will give you a better understanding of both types of dies - their features, capabilities, advantages, and shortcomings... and ultimately serve as a good starting guide when choosing between the two designs for your coating application needs.

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