The Evolution of Heat Seal Lacquers

Kevin Lifsey

Presented by Nicola Kelfkens, Henkel Corporation

Heat seal lacquers are typically aqueous or solvent-based solutions and primarily used in the food packaging industry as lidding adhesives. Currently, there are several chemistries available in the market depending on a converter’s equipment availability and performance requirements. This presentation will discuss the challenges surrounding these products and the evolution from hard gels to liquid at room temperature.

As early iterations, these coatings required high solid percentages which resulted in a lacquer that is a gel at room temperature. To apply gel lacquers successfully, converters rely on excessive heat, mixing and dilution. This process can be dangerous, costly and inconsistent. Recent innovations have led to heat seal lacquers that are liquid at room temperature and require less handling to coat successfully. The newer products maintain the same high solid percentages, low activation temperatures and performance specifications. The proposed presentation will be an informative resource to all that are involved in the flexible metallizing, coating and laminating industry.

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