Photoinitiated addition-cure for silicone-release coatings: Part 1

Alex Nevels

Silicone (polydimethylsiloxane) polymers are unique materials that are chemically inert and of low polarity that remain fl uid at temperatures as low as -120° C and retain useful properties at temperatures >250° C for extended times. Cross-linked silicone polymers can be bulk-solid elastomers, rubbers, gels and low-surface-energy coatings capable of lightly adhering to pressure-sensitive adhesives and then releasing those adhesives without denigration of adhesive tack. Such coatings are known as release coatings. When applied to paper and film substrates as blends of reactive silicones, then cross-linked to a solid adhesive surface, the resultant silicone coating is the key element of a release liner.

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