Coating and Printing Processes for the Surface Functionalization...Newest Developments

Kevin Lifsey

Adnrea Glawe, KROENERT GmbH & Co KG

In the last years the focus of development was related from KROENERT side to large scale application for organic electronics. The largest OPV coating and printing line was delivered to CSEM Brazil and is right now in installation at customer side. Secondly the focus was given to the further development of intermittent coating process with slot die technology for the production of battery electrodes. Coming from the request for this application for a precise pattern application we are focusing now on alternatives markets with the same requests. The focus is lying on the application of organic conductive layers but also adhesive layers for the encapsulation. Slot dies are characterized for a coating accuracy over the web with +/- 1 % depending on the slurry and substrate quality. In combination with a coating accuracy for start and stop operation with intermittent slot-dies of +/- 0.6 mm and a tolerance of the coating length of +/- 0,5 mm it is possible to apply very precise patterns. Further developments will be realized to focus on OPV and alternative products like printed sensors.

Both products are related to future market driven application which we want to show and demonstrate behind other applications. Most of the product developments start under test issues. One laboratory coating line in the KROENERT Technology Center was redesigned to cover the high demands from the market. With nearly all printing methods it is now possible to develop coated and printed product with an encapsulated coating line under clean room atmosphere. These tests were the basis for designing for instance the CSEM OPV-coating line.

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