The Art of Winding Quality Rolls on a Coating Line Members Public

Kevin Lifsey

Why Is My Vacuum-Deposited Barrier Coating Hard To Improve? Members Public

The most frequently asked question that I get is, “Why is my barrier coating hard to improve?” Like the coatings, the answer can vary from simple for very basic barrier coatings to much more complex for higher-barrier performance coatings.

Alex Nevels
Dr. Charles Bishop

When Did Web Slitting Begin, and How Did It Initially Evolve? Members Public

According to Wikipedia, the first writing papers were developed around the 4th century BCE in Egypt. At that time, a more efficient alternative to wet clay-tablet scoring was needed to record mercantile transactions, along with the strong desire to create large quantities of religious documentation.

Alex Nevels

What, Why and How Do We Measure Substrate Properties? Part 6 Members Public

In this installment, I think I will tackle “adhesion” testing. There are many adhesion tests...

Alex Nevels
Adhesives, Coatings & Substrates

What Doctor-Blade Challenges Impact Wide-Web Cylinder Metering? Part 3 Members Public

For gravure printing and coating applications, doctor-blade control needs to be both fast and foolproof with no guesswork, mechanical problems or startup waste that is attributable to doctor blade performance.

Alex Nevels
Doctor Blade

The role of new system-level simulation in solving difficult web-handling design problems Members Public

Due to increased demand for consistent quality and faster turnaround times when ordering new web-handling systems, machine designers are turning to simulation to stay ahead of the competition. Simulation models that include dynamical aspects have the advantage over manual calculations...

Alex Nevels
Web Handling

Li-ion Battery Market to Exceed $430 Billion by 2033 Members Public

With their comparatively high performance, low cost and wide availability, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are today’s pre-eminent energy-storage technology for applications ranging from small personal electronics to electric vehicles (EVs) to large, stationary energy storage systems.

Alex Nevels

How Do We Balance "Trust" with "Suspicion" on Base Substrates Members Public

Everyone who applies coatings worries about the coating process. But when it comes to the base substrate (film, foil, paper, etc.), people either are too trusting or too suspicious. None of us happen to suspect the base only when it is a problem...

Alex Nevels
Adhesives, Coatings & Substrates